Watch As This Standard Desk Gets Turned Into An Awesome One


Ever got tired of sitting at the computer desk for hours on end? This is why a standing desk can be so useful and good for your health too! Giving you the freedom to move around and keep that blood flowing, standing desks could well be the future of office furniture. With this in mind, a very handy man decided to make his own and this is how he did it. Have you ever used a standing desk? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Website: Imgur


First things first, the calculations need to be just right.


Next, the actual finished desk is drawn.


The steel for the brackets is cut.


Then everything is measured, punched, and made ready.


All the pieces are now ready to be assembled.


The desk components are taking shape as planned.


The desk begins to be assembled.


It's looking good!


The mechanism is then added.



Testing the desk to see that it works.


It seems to be just right in height!


The desk top can be lifted up when needed.


It's all thanks to its clever hydraulic system.


The desk is finally good to go.


The finished result looks great and it works perfectly!

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