This Clever Mom Gave Her Kids An Entire Summer Of Fun For Only $12


Mom of two Leisha, who runs the Homemade Toast site, loves creating tutorials so other parents can create awesome things for their families. Take a look at this cool water blob, who wouldn’t adore having one of these in their backyard? Most tutorials advise that the blobs are sealed with duct tape however this doesn’t stop them leaking. What Leisha does is to iron the edges to melt them together thus ensuring the blob is completely watertight. Taking only 20 – 30 minutes to create, the water blob will make summer a whole lot of fun. Take a look at the photos and link below to see how Leisha made it.
Website: HomemadeToast

First Leisha got some painter’s plastic.

painters plastic

She then sealed the plastic and made it watertight using an iron.


Look…no leaks… hopefully!

watertight seal

Filling the blob up.

filling hose plastic

Adding food coloring to the water made the blob look even more awesome!

blue blob

This little one doesn’t look so sure!

baby water blob

The toddlers are having the time of their lives!

happy kids water blob

The blob is so nice and cool to relax on when it’s a hot day!

happy girl water blob

And dad loves it too!

family water blob

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