15 Images Of Geometrical Plants For Those Who Love Symmetry

For some inexplicable reason, the natural world is full of symmetry, and this includes plants and flowers. For those who love perfect patterns and exact order in their lives, gazing upon such perfect symmetry can be soothing to the soul. Some plants are more symmetrical than others, however. Check out the below 15 examples of geometrical plants that have the symmetry thing down!

Romanesco Broccoli.


Crassula Buddha’s Temple Plant.

Amazon Lily Pad.

Fractal Cabbage.


Hoya Aldrichii.

Flowers Like Jewelled Carpet. 

Drosophyllum Lusitanicum.

Spiraling Succulent.

Thinking Cactus.

Chameleon Tail.


Viola Sacculus.

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