Illustrator Christopher Hill Reimagines Female Disney Characters As The 7 Deadly Sins


Disney heroines are the most awesome and innocent girls around, right? Not in the mind of Canadian illustrator and animation-enthusiast Christopher Hill they aren't! In this series of illustrations based on the 7 deadly sins, Hill highlights what he sees as negative traits in some of Disney's best loved characters. We can see his point with some of the ladies however a few are being given pretty bad press!
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Sleeping Beauty really couldn't help snoozing for so long!


To be fair that apple was poisoned!


Was Belle really vain? She couldn't help it if she was gorgeous!


Oh how Cinderella loved her Prince Charming!



Yes, Jasmine was pretty angry at Jafar but who could blame her!?


Was Ariel being greedy keeping stuff from the surface-world?


Tinkerbell was always more than a little envious of Wendy!


What amazing illustrations!

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