People Share Their Experiences With Dating A Homeless Person

Would you date a homeless person? Or would you dare to embark on a serious relationship with a homeless person? It may sound impractical to fall in love with someone who has nothing to offer. I mean, having a house and a well-paying job are standard criteria if you intend to go into a relationship. But these people tried to break the norm and brazenly opened up about what it’s like dating a homeless person. Take a look! 


Seriously in love.

Don’t worry, your arms shall feel more of a home than four walls do.

What would she prefer? A house… or you?

Homeless by choice.

Learn to turn a deaf ear to what other people say.

Love is accepting everything about someone, even the bad things.

Homeless people are humans too.

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A secret love affair.

Mom, Dad, my boyfriend doesn’t have a home!

Choosing the one that makes you happy.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to love.

Torn between the parents and the lover.

Love is all that matters.

Give him a home, maybe?

That’s nasty…

Giving everything for the one you love.

Loving is caring.

Cruel intention.

The independent homeless…

It’s your life, it’s your choice.