Super Cringe-Worthy Incidents That Happened At The Disney Resorts

Going to ‘Disneyland’ or ‘Disney World’ is every kid’s dream. The ‘Magical Kingdom’ is a place filled with endless wonder and joy, right? Even adults love it! Ok, so there’s waiting in line for long periods of time for the best rides, then there’s the overpriced food, and the constant cartoon music can get to you, in the end. However hellish your own Disney experience may or may not have been, consider yourself lucky you were not involved in one of these 12 super cringe-worthy incidents below! All of them were reported by staff and patrons at Disney and they’re all totally horrific! Go on, take a look and freak out!

A worker at ‘Animal Kingdom’ once witnessed a large snake, up to ten feet long, emerge from the greenery and slither its way through a queue of people patiently waiting for a ride. Even though it went between their legs, no one noticed, and it slithered back into the bushes!

A woman was in line for ‘Space Mountain’ when a little girl in front of her complained to her parents that she needed the bathroom. Her parents wanted her to wait, however, as they were at the front of the queue. The girl, aged around 8, couldn’t wait, she squatted down and pooped on the ground, then picked up her feces and waved it in her mom’s face. The mom then threw up all over neighboring patrons. Yuck!

A Disney employee pleads with people online not to scatter their loved ones’ ashes in ‘Haunted Mansion’ because ‘They just get vacuumed up and disposed of’.

A patron who speaks Japanese was in line for a Disney ride when she overheard a group of Japanese girls bitching and pointing at people around them, saying that Americans were so fat and ugly. A cast member came up to them and warned, in Japanese, for the girls to watch out, as most Americans could understand Japanese. The mortified girls quit the queue immediately!

A driver at the safari park in the Animal Kingdom nearly wet himself with laughter when a kid yelled out in amazement, while looking at a particularly boisterous elephant, ‘Mom, he has five legs!’. Oops…

A female teen patron was sitting with her guy friends near where ‘Mickey’ and ‘Minnie’ get dressed. When Minnie came out in her costume, the teen boys started cat calling. Mickey responded, in his proper Mickey voice, ‘If you look at my girlfriend again, I’m gonna pop ya!’.

A worker in the restaurant at ‘Cinderella Castle’ once had a family of four come in to dine. About half way through the meal, the husband of the party stood up and politely tapped his glass for attention, before proceeding to calmly announce that his wife of 15 years had been cheating on him. Awkward!

One Disney employee was horrified, when working on ‘Space Mountain’, to find a Down Syndrome child waiting in a hallway usually reserved for staff. Assuming that the kid’s family were somewhere around the ride, freaking out, the employee led the kid out of the hallway only to discover his family was nowhere to be seen! Turns out they were on another ride and had just left their disabled child by himself. Awful!

One of the lowest points in one Disney employee’s career was when she had to height check a midget. Double awkward!

An employee remembers the mortifying moment when, as she manned a popular ride at Disney, a couple with their two kids approached the docking area for the ride. Suddenly, out of nowhere the boy, aged about 8, crapped in his swimming trunks and the mess went everywhere! The queue for the ride had to be shut down! Gross!

A couple were trying to ride ‘Space Mountain’ carrying a black duffel bag. The employee who reported this incident online heard a noise come from the bag, so asked to see inside. What was in there? Only their six-month-old baby!

Employees in Disney stores (in malls) have to greet each customer within ten second of them having entered the store. It became a challenge for teens to run into the stores, grab a plush soft toy from the mountain of them at the back, and get to front of the store again within ten seconds. A kid tried this, diving into the mountain of toys, without realizing they were on risers. He was carted out by ambulance staff on a stretcher! Ouch! 

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