Crazy Ways People Do Just To Get a Perfect Photo

Photography has come a long way and the phone camera is playing a major role in this revolution. In this generation where people cannot survive without phones and cameras, everyone can now become a photographer out of nowhere. That is to say, you don’t have to obtain a degree in photography to become a great photographer. All you need is a good combination of creativity and resourcefulness to capture the photo you desire. People will do anything for a perfect shot by all means. To demonstrate that, here are examples of crazy ways people would do to make ordinary things appear more spectacular.


A lot of help and effort from other people is required to get one epic photo.

When you’re too adorable that the birds get too fixated on you.

Give a touch of reality to your Photoshop creation to get this stunning outcome.

Taking the perfect shot is all about timing, and of course a lot of patience. Remember that it will take a hundred of failed attempts to get one great shot.

The hidden truth about a model’s difficult job.

Lighting is one essential feature in photography. If there are no lighting equipment available, learn to improvise. You can use sunlight to your own advantage but make sure to use it the right way.

Even cats make a good background.

How far would you go to attain a perfect shot? These people will show you some crazy ways to achieve it.



Find your best camera angle to look like a model.

A campfire on the beach? A great photographer has the ability to trick your eyes and believe in something that it’s not.

Pay attention to the things that the lens can only cover. The rest doesn’t really matter.

When you lack originality, you can just imitate some good photos. But make sure to do it half as good as the original.

They say happiness is found when you’re not looking for it. In this case, Bruce Springsteen found this girl when she’s not looking in his direction.

We can only believe in what we see. What we don’t see don’t matter.

This may look like a photo of a father and son but it’s actually the same person. This guy pasted himself into his childhood photo and the outcome was perfect.

Creative water splash photography is alluring but we don’t get to see the photographer’s effort to get one. These kids are about to show it.