Amusing And Interesting Confessions From People About Their Drunk Selves

It’s fair to say that many of us turn into different people when we are drunk. This can be a subtle change, such as having a bit more confidence, or a drastic change, such as doing things completely out of character. Either way, many of us acknowledge that our drunk selves can get up to all sorts of antics. Many a good story has started off with ‘so, I was drunk…’ and here we have an awesome collection of confessions by people that won’t disappoint! Take a look and see if you recognize yourself among this list!
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Well done!

This is the case for many people!

Now this really is a test on how well you know yourself! 

How thoughtful!

A good excuse to get drunk!

This person got told!

This person’s drunk self probably did them a huge favor. 

How sneaky!

The drunk self usually wins.

Google can take us to some strange places…

It’s amazing what alcohol can do!

This is honestly one of the best things to wake up to after a night of drinking!

Good to know money wasn’t wasted!

Isn’t it interesting seeing how alcohol affects people differently? All jokes aside though, it’s extremely important to be aware of your limits and to drink responsibly. Thankfully, however, it sounds like quite a few of these people’s “drunk me’s” take care of them, which is great! Keep going to see more amusing images and let them be a reminder of the good and bad things that can come from excessive drinking!

This sounds quite fun!

This is kind of sad. We hope this person learnt to love their sober self just as much.

She does indeed!

‘Drunk me’ can be such a calculating personality!

We hope it was useful stuff!

What a relief that this huge risk paid off…

Yup, we’re definitely craving pizza now.

It’s an interesting thing what the drunk self wants to purchase…

A little Dutch courage is all we need sometimes.

It would be so cool to read back on the notes!

We would love to hear how this one played out!

We bet they turned up when this person least expected to find them!

Sigh of relief!