Stunning Bust Sculptures Re-Imagine Women’s Hair as Beautiful Landscapes

Surrealism in art never fails to fascinate both our eyes and mind. Many surrealist artists have effectively depicted dreamlike imageries that hold so many hidden meanings. Surrealism doesn’t only reside in paintings but it also found its way to sculptures. We’ve seen a lot of surreal sculptures before, they’re actually nothing new. But a Chinese artist is giving a whole new breadth of phantasm to surreal sculpture. Yuanxing Liang, the sculptor behind the Chunmang Peach Blossom Island, creates bust sculptures of women with hair transformed into fantastical landscapes.

Liang uses grey resin for the bust sculptures. The most notable characteristic of his creations is the intricate design that he applies on the figure’s head. For the hair, the artist creates ethereal landscapes using trees and other elements to supplant flowing strands of hair. Along with the natural elements, he also incorporated a miniature contemporary structure which connects to a mini fish pond. If you look at it in every angle, you’ll find other inconspicuous details that will surely amaze you.

yuanxing liang chunmang peach blossom island

Yuanxing Liang creates the Chunmang Peach Blossom Island which showcases the ethereal charm of surreal sculpture

chunmang peach blossom island


chunmang peach blossom island side


yuanxing liang surreal sculpture


chunmang peach blossom island neck details


chunmang peach blossom island back details


chunmang peach blossom island details


yuanxing liang fantastical sculpture


chunmang peach blossom island woman bust

The Chunmang Peach Blossom Island was featured in Wonder Festival in Shanghai where it was put on sale. Liang creates this piece in batches and sells them online through So you can buy this surreal sculpture in grey resin through the website.

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Visit the artist’s Weibo page to see his entire collection of artworks.

Source: Taobao