This Couple Creates Incredible Xmas Light Show To Support Wounded Veterans


Whether or not you support war as a concept, you can't deny that it's important to support our veterans, the people who've been sent to fight, and potentially die, for our country. Christina and Thomas Grusecki are supporters of the 'Wounded Warrior Project', a charity which offers help and support to injured veterans, helping them get back into society and live life after their sacrifice for their fellow citizens. To help raise money for this cause, the couple have created an epic Christmas display outside their home, featuring 126,000 lights, which dance and flash along to six Christmas songs. Thanks to a donation box outside their home, they ended up raising $20,000 last year! Perhaps they can beat that record this year! If you want to pay a visit, the Grusecki's home is in Park Ridge, Chicago. Check out the video!




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