Hilarious Cases Of Boredom That Led To Awesome Creativity

Many people would agree that being bored sucks. Not having anything to do can feel like such a waste of time! However, occasionally good things can come from being bored. It forces us to become creative and think outside of the box when it comes to ways of amusing ourselves. Here we have a list of hilarious cases of boredom that led to awesome creativity! There’s some real talent displayed in some of these images… take a look! 

Are you becoming bored with the way your car looks? Switch things up with a sticky note make over! 

We’re impressed that someone managed to create this map without eating all the chips. 

Woah. That is one hot potato…

Making your office more homely can improve your productivity, supposedly! 

Skittles and Mario Kart… two great things! 

How to inject some fun into your work day! 

Let’s hope that there was someone around who liked eating plain Oreo biscuits or this would have been a huge waste! 

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When you hate everyone in your office so decide to make yourself someone you can tolerate… 

The person who did this must have been sitting on the toilet for quite a while… 

Beware of the snow dragon that feeds on cars! 

The Belcher Family from Bob’s Burgers!

Star Wars inspires so many of us… 

Brilliant! Whoever did this has some serious stacking skills! 

We’re now imagining what it would be like if all bananas were white instead of yellow… interesting.