Canada’s New UV Passport Reveals Hidden Images Under Black light


Canadians can now claim to have the coolest passports ever, though you'd never know unless you have a black light. The new passports, which began to be released in mid 2013, look relatively normal in normal lighting conditions but place them under a black light and… wow… you'll find all sorts of colorful, UV reactive images practically jumping off the page. The 'secret' UV images are incorporated into the original page design so that when viewed under black light, the two sets of images complement one another. While the passport may be a talking point if you pull it out at a dance party, the UV images were not designed merely to allow Canadians to claim stake to having the most awesome passports ever created. It's all in the name of security, with the UV images and a biometric chip in the back of the document, making them almost impossible to forge. Check out the below images of what has to be the coolest passport in the world!

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