Strange And Awesome Things In Japan


We all love the Japanese culture. However, there is a lot more to the country than awesome video games, sushi and cutesy plushies. Japan is not just a different country, it’s a whole different world to the one we’re used to in the West. If you’ve ever wanted to visit this amazing country and have wanted to know more, we have this list of bizarre things you can only find in Japan! Check it out!


If you’re planning a wedding in Japan and need more guests, you can rent them!


In Japan it’s actually offensive to the server if you leave a tip!


Japanese bosses encourage their workers to nap at work as this shows that they’ve been working hard!


The oldest company in the world is the ‘Kongo Gumi Co., Ltd’ which has been trading since 578 A.D!


People in Japan don’t eat a lot of cake!


Pushing people onto packed trains is a real job in Japan!


Infuriatingly, many Japanese streets have no names! That must be very confusing!


Bizarrely, the Japanese seem to idolize Barrack Obama. They even sell cool action figures of the president!


Manners and etiquette are of great importance to Japanese people, so they always try to avoid saying ‘no’ directly.


The country is famous for its strange ‘Kit-Kat’ flavors. Mmmm, wasabi!?


Older Japanese men who have no heirs can actually adopt an adult to take over the family business!


Lonely and overworked Japanese men can go to a ‘cuddle cafe’ for some female companionship. Yes, really!


Japan has some of the craziest vending machines around!


Space is at a real premium in Japan. So, if your family isn’t able to keep paying the dues on your grave when you’re gone, they will take you out and put another body in your place!


Cat cafes sound so awesome!

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