Awesome Beds That Every Kid Wants


If you struggle to get your kids to sleep at night or to stay in their beds then we’ve put together a collection of cute and creative beds that may help with those problems. They’ll love their new bed so much they won’t want to leave it! They are all available right here on Awesome Inventions. 

Teddy Bear Bed

teddy bear

Every kid loves teddy bears, so how about a bed that feels like a giant bear hug? They’ll feel safe and warm in this loveable, huggable bed.
Find it here: Teddy Bear Bed

Totoro Bed


This fuzzy giant will keep your little one warm at night.
Find it here: Totoro Bed

Hello Kitty Bed

hello kitty

Your little princess will love snuggling up to her favorite kitty.
Find it here: Hello Kitty Bed

Pink Car Toddler Bed

pink car

The perfect bed for your little girl racer!
Find it here: Pink Car Toddler Bed

Pirate Ship Bed

pirate ship

Your little one will sail off to sleep with this awesome bed!
Find it here: Pirate Ship Bed

Race Car Toddler Bed

race car

The perfect bed for your little boy racer!
Find it here: Race Car Toddler Bed

Spiderman Bed


If Spiderman is your little ones favorite Superhero then here’s the perfect bed for them!
Find it here: Spiderman Bed

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