Authors And Their Famous Works Combined In Awesome Illustrations


Literature lovers will adore these gorgeous pieces from Croatian artist Vedran Stimac. These drawings are essentially portraits of renowned authors, but with an abstract twist… Stimac draws imagery relating to one of their most famous works onto their faces. This is an interesting concept, as it's often the case that people think of an author as his or her most famous work, rather than considering the artist as a person. Each drawing is created using a rapidograph technical pen, and takes Stimac between 10 and 15 hours to complete, as he uses a painstaking dotting drawing technique known as stippling. 

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Ernest Hemingway – The Old Man and the Sea

Vedran Stimac via Bored Panda


Vladimir Nabokov – Lolita

Vedran Stimac via Bored Panda


Hugo Pratt – In Un Cielo Lontano

Vedran Stimac via Bored Panda


Herman Melville – Moby Dick

Vedran Stimac via Bored Panda



Franz Kafka – The Metamorphosis

Vedran Stimac via Bored Panda


F.M. Dostoevsky – The Gambler

Vedran Stimac via Bored Panda


We love the technique and style of these drawings, as well as the content. We'd like to have some of these as prints, and let our literary nerd flag fly!

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