10 Of The Most Awesome Architectural Views From Around The World


There are some beautiful places in the world, so many natural and man-made wonders. Sometimes man gets it wrong, there are plenty of architectural monstrosities dotted here and there. However, there will be times when a building or structure is created and it turns out to be more like a work of art! Take a look at these 10 awesome architectural views from around the world and enjoy!


This is a view of beautiful Loch Achray in Scotland!

loch achray


Zaanse Schans, outside Amsterdam in the Netherlands is built in the traditional Dutch style.



Everything looks so peaceful at this abandoned fishing hut in Germany.

abandoned fishing hut


'Heidelberg Castle' in Germany is a wonder to behold!

heidelberg castle


The 'Atlantis, The Palm Hotel and Resort' in Dubai, UAE is the height of luxury.

atlantis hotel



How cute does the 'Neal's Yard Salad Bar' in Covent Garden, London look?

neals yard


A once boring underpass in Birmingham, Alabama has been transformed by Bill FitzGibbons!

birmingham alabama


The 'Cathedral of Brasilia', built in the 1970s, was designed by Oscar Niemeyer.

brasilia cathedral


The awesome looking 'Solar Furnace' in Odeillo, France looks a little out of place in the surrounding countryside.

solar furnace france


And finally, the village of Positano on the Amalfi Coast, Italy looks like a perfect picture postcard!

positano amalfi coast

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