12 Accurate And Amusing Images About Lying For Those That Despise Liars


It's pretty safe to say that everyone has told a lie (or a few) in their lifetime. However, these will often be little, white lies or 'harmless' lies by those of a good nature. Unfortunately, we are bound to come across a few of the not so good natured liars every now and again. These are the kinds of liars who make your blood boil. The kind that lie to hurt others or for personal gain. Depending on the situation you might sit there with that 'look' on your face of judgment or you might call out the person lying, either way they are certainly annoying. Take a look below at some accurate and amusing images related to lying and see if you identify!


Why You




Grinds Gears


F Liar











Best Liar


Look Son


Lies All Lies