This Amazing $17.5 Million Underground Bunker Will Make You Want To Relocate


As far as fallout shelters go, this one is the bee's knees. In fact, as far as homes of any kind go, this one is pretty awesome! Located in Georgia, the underground bunker you'll see below was built in 1969 during the cold war by US Army Corps. It was fully renovated in 2012, and is now on sale for $17.5 million, along with more than 30 acres of land. Coming in at 14,000 square foot, the home has 12 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, 2 business centers, two conference rooms, a gorgeous modern kitchen and even a 15-seat theater. The only difference from any other luxury home is that it's located 45-feet underground and can withstand a 20-kiloton nuclear explosion! Check it out!













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