13 Interesting Facts About Dreams That May Surprise You


Drifting off to dreamland each night is a weird and wonderful part of life, full of mystery and wonder. In dreams, literally anything imaginable is possible! Dreams can be interpreted in a variety of ways, often strange, vivid, enlightening or downright frightening. Deeply connected to our psyche, dreams are experienced by all of us. It's just that we don't always remember most of them. Here's 13 more fascinating facts about dreams that may surprise you! Take a look!


The most common dream is of a spouse cheating. Although, that's really in the nightmare category!

According to scientists, you can't snore and dream at the same time!


Women's dreams tend to feature an equal number of men and women in them, whilst men dream more about men! Mens' dreams are also tend to be more aggressive.


Inventions can come to people during dreams. For instance, Elias Howe, inventor of the sewing machine, dreamt of his innovation!


Even if someone is blind and has been for life, they still dream, although they won't see images. The dreams will involve the other senses, plus convey emotions.



Animals dream, too!


A person can have 4-7 dreams in a single night.


Studies have shown that more than 70% of people believe in, and have experienced, 'deja vu'.


Anxiety is the most commonly felt emotion in dreams!


Many people dream in black in white, not in color.


You forget 90% of your dreams!


We only see faces we already know whilst dreaming.


Dreams are symbolic. So if you dream about a sheep, the meaning of your dream likely has nothing to do with an actual sheep!

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