Adorable Illustrations That Show Love Is Found In The Small Things

The way people show that they love someone and the situations that radiate it will differ from relationship to relationship. However, multi talented artist Phillipa Rice has created an adorable comic book titled ‘Soppy’ which many of us will be able to relate to! The heartwarming illustrations show day to day situations that you might not even think are love related at all, but all these things add up to a happy relationship. Rice chooses not to focus on the flowers and gifts side of things, rather the priceless tender moments couples share like hugging, reading or walking together.

Cooking together.




Talks in bed together.








Brushing your teeth.


Holding Hands.






Sleep hugging.


The little things.


Tiny problems.


Building things together.


Having special places.


Saying sorry.


Sleeping on each other.

Knowing everything will be okay.


Walking together.


Being on the same page.


Chilling around each other.


Reading together.



Source: PhillipaJRice