6 Awesome Heat Changing Mugs

Drinking coffee will never be the same again when you’ve tried out these awesome mugs! They all feature heat changing technology which means the image on the outside will magically change when you add hot liquid! Ditch your old boring mugs and make room in your kitchen for some of these must-haves…

Heat Changing Battery Mug

heat changing battery mugIf sleep wasn’t enough for you then charge your batteries in the morning with this mug!
Find it here: Heat Changing Battery Mug

Morning Mug

morning mugThis mug will slowly wake up with you in the morning as you enjoy your coffee. It will even give you a smile!
Find it here: Morning Mug

Harry Potter Heat Changing Mug

harry potter heat changing mugReveal the magical mysteries as your coffee heats this awesome mug. Harry Potter fans will love it!
Find it here: Harry Potter Heat Changing Mug

Light Bulb Heat Changing Mug 

light bulb heat changing mugMull over a cup of coffee as you brainstorm for some bright ideas!
Find it here: Light Bulb Heat Changing Mug

For the gamer fans out there…

Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug

pac man heat changing mugThis retro mug will take you back to your childhood! Watch as the games characters appear when the mug heats up.
Find it here: Pac-Man Heat Changing Mug

Tetris Heat Changing Mug

tetris heat changing mugFill this mug with your hot drink and watch as the Tetrominoes appear in perfectly pieced together form! It’ll make you want to grab your smartphone and play it for real!
Find it here: Tetris Heat Changing Mug