This Illustrator Brings His Cartoons To life Using Awesome 3D Tricks – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of our series on HuskMitNavn, the Danish artist who creates cartoons with a 3D twist! There’s no denying this guy’s talent and it’s shown by the fact he has almost 100K followers on Instagram, which doesn’t include his Tumblr followers and website views! We love the playful style of HuskMitNavn’s work and hope to see plenty more of his pieces in the future. This type of paper art is definitely something we would like to give a go. Take a look below for more awesome examples!
Website: Instagram

An adorable giraffe!

One scoop of vanilla please!

R.I.P dinosaurs.

Anyone need some meat minced?

Pencil chopsticks, awesome!

But, where are the sardines?

So simple yet so great!

Do you have kids that insist on posting letters?

We really like this one.

You’ve got to be extra careful with this snow globe.

Such a cool technique!

Some people can transform even the simplest things into something interesting.

Isn’t it so fascinating seeing 2D combined with 3D?

What an adorable face! We would love to have one of these sitting on our desk.