12 Kids’ Drawings Turned Into 3D-Printed Figurines


Children have the best imaginations. Ask them to sit down and draw something, and they’ll often come up with weird and wonderful creatures beyond the wildest dreams of most adults. Although parents always have their kids’ drawings to look back on, sometimes it would be nice to have something more to remind you of your child’s most awesome creations. A company known as Moyupi can do just that. If you send in any child’s drawing, Moyupi will turn it into a 3D-printed figurine. We’ve collected some of our favorite examples of their work for you to enjoy. Take a look at these 12 kids’ drawings turned into 3D-printed figurines.



With three legs and a couple of tentacles, this guy is looking pretty spiffy!


Someone knows how to rock out!


This one kind of looks like a robot dinosaur, but whatever it is, it’s awesome!


We love this rainbow critter!


We’re not really sure what’s going on here, but it’s great!


Is this a lizard or a snake with legs? You decide!


This is one happy monster!


We love that this dinosaur is wearing a string of pearls.


Look at that curly trunk!


This creation hasn’t just got its head in the clouds, its head IS a cloud!


This looks like one of the carnivorous plants from the Mario games.


This alien friend is adorable!

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