13 Reasons Why Dogs Are The Best Friends You Could Hope For

Friendships are important, but who said that those friends have to be humans? People can be cruel, irritating and all about the drama but dogs, on the other hand, make the most excellent of friends. Move over, stinky hairless bipeds! We know that you would be lost without your canine companions, so we wanted to create a tribute to these awesome animals, who are always there for us, no matter what. These are thirteen reasons why dogs are the best friends you could hope for. Check it out and then go give your dog a great big hug!


They'll put on a tie and pretend to be you if you really don't want to go to work. Such hijinks! 


They never mind if you just want to stay in and chill on a Saturday night.


They're always up for trying to break world records.


They never miss the opportunity for a hilarious photobomb.


They totes understand your peanut butter obsession. 


They will always take a nap with you.



They're interested when you tell them about your day.


They'll help you out if you're in a jam.


They're excellent gardeners.


They love fall as much as you do.


They know when to make goofy faces to cheer you up.


They want to do whatever you're doing.


They're always up for any kind of adventure.



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