Winter Wedding Favors

16 Winter Wedding Favors To Impress Your Guests


There's no easier way to guarantee your wedding has a cozy and heart warming atmosphere than to hold it in winter. Snowflakes have a certain degree of romance attached, while the food, decorations and place settings of a winter wedding can all be arranged to give a theme with a dazzling effect. If you're planning a winter wonderland wedding, don't forget to include winter-inspired favors. These will serve as a touching reminder of your special day for your guests to take home with them. Check out the below 16 winter themed wedding favor ideas. And the best part, you don't necessarily need to splash out on these.


A pair of warm socks, with a heart warming message attached.


DIY candles customized so that guests will always be reminded of your special day.





A set of DIY lotion bars. Find instructions here.


Heart-shaped wine stoppers.


Personalized, candy stripe lip balm.


Gorgeous, DIY s'mores kits.




Customized tea bags.


DIY hot chocolate using Mason Jars. Find instructions here.





 Pairs of slippers with a personalized message.



Snowflake-shaped soaps.


DIY pinecone fire starters with personalized messages.


Embroidered winter blankets.


Cozy, DIY hand warmers. Find instructions here.

Snowflake place card ornaments.


Winter warmer mugs.

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