12 Awesome DIY Ways To Resuse Old Bottles


Recycling is awesome, and super important for the planet. But, what's better than sending unwanted items to the recycling plant? Figuring out how to upcycle and reuse them in fun, functional and interesting ways! It's both eco-friendly and could save you money! If you need some inspiration, we've collected this list of 12 excellent ways to reuse old bottles, from dispensing pancake batter to filling up water balloons! We've got ideas for reusing all kinds of different bottles, so take a look


Poke holes into the lid of a gallon jug to make a DIY watering can!


An old bottle can be transformed into an adorable piggy bank!



Martha Stewart


Make perfect pancakes by loading the batter into an old squeezy ketchup bottle.




Or use old ketchup bottles to store paint, which will be less mess!





Make this awesome soap dispenser out of an empty bottle of whiskey!



Use a bottle as a faucet extender to help tiny humans wash their little hands.


Need somewhere to keep old plastic grocery bags? We have the answer!

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