Cartoon Characters Alongside Their Real Life Dopplegangers

Our world is full of dopplegangers. We generally use this term when two people look identical to each other but we’re here to show you some of your favorite animated characters also have lookalikes! It’s actually crazy how many there are floating around and some of them are truly mind blowing. Some of these dopplegangers emphasize their similarities by mimicking their lookalike characters but others look effortlessly the same. Take a look below for a list of awesome examples!

Andy From Toy Story

Consuela From Family Guy


Real Life Cartoon Characters consuela family guy


Danny DeVito And Mr Spacely

Stitch From Lilo And Stitch 

Sid From Ice Age

Real Life Cartoon Characters dog sid ice age


Dora From Dora The Explorer

Freddie Mercury And Mr Slave From South Park

Real Life Cartoon Characters freddie mercury south park


Linda Belcher From Bob’s Burgers

Mr Burns From The SImpsons

Nicki Minaj And Mrs Potato Head

Toothless From How To Train Your Dragon

Alfredo Linguini From Ratatouille 

Boo From Monsters Inc


Real Life Cartoon Characters boo monsters inc


Carl Fredricksen From Up

One thing’s for sure, all of these lookalikes will never have to worry about what to dress up as for Halloween, Cosplay or fancy dress parties! We think it’s pretty cool to be a doppleganger and we wonder how many of these people get recognized for looking like their animated counterparts. Of course, this list is made all the better with the animal lookalikes. Let us know in the comment section below your favorite dopplegangers and keep going to see even more examples!

Catman And Batman

Edna Mode From The Incredibles

Elsa From Frozen

Eric Cartman From South Park

Sid From Ice Age

Master Shifu From Kung Fu Panda

Johnny Bravo

Granny From Looney Tunes

Peter Griffin From Family Guy

Russel From Up

Walter White And Ned Flanders

Real Life Cartoon Characters walter white ned flanders



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