12 Comic Strips Only Book Lovers Will Relate To


If you’ve often stayed up way past your bedtime to finish a good novel and you love nothing better than the comforting musty smell of an old book, then this post is for you. There’s something wonderful about entering the magical world of fiction, where you can lose yourself and almost anything is possible! Marzi from Introvert Doodles has created these amusing comic strips that you’ll only understand if you’re barmy about books. And there’s totally no shame in that! Check out these twelve comic strips only book lovers will relate to!

Website: Introvert Doodles



She’s clearly got her priorities straight!


Reading is anything but a waste of time.



Introvert Doodles


Sometimes you just have to see it through to the end.


We’ve all been there!


Never ask a book lover this question.


Just a few of the thoughts you might have in a library.


You totally can judge a book by its cover if you know what you’re looking for!



Introvert Doodles


It’s going to be a tough choice…


There are pros and cons to both.


It’s almost like you were really there…


When you take pity on a neglected book.


Alone time is important in any relationship.

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