This Alternative Willow Pattern China Features Scary Monsters


We're sure all of you have seen blue and white willow pattern china at some point in your lives. Your grandma probably had a set, off which she fed you homemade cakes. Designer Don Moyer decided to take the basic theme and color scheme of willow pattern china and twist it to make something a bit different. On what he has dubbed his 'things-could-be-worse' mugs, instead of star-crossed lovers trying to run away together, you'll find things such as king kong, giant frogs, pterodactyls and killer robots. So, if your day isn't plagued by any of these then, yup, things certainly could be worse. Moyer originally set up a Kickstarter to raise the funds to produce these mugs and he made everything he needed (and then some) so they should be completed and for sale around October or November 2015. We'll certainly be putting in a pre-order!
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