Artists Collaborate To Make A Children’s Hospital Less Scary And More Fun


The thought of anyone having to have a stay in hospital is unpleasant, but even the coldest of hearts would be moved thinking about sick kids who need to spend time on a ward. This kind of experience can be scary and stressful for kids, but arts organization Visual Arts is trying to change this. Visual Arts is in charge of bringing art into the UK's hospitals and making them more pleasant and cheerful places to stay. With the help of 15 generous artists, they've done something amazing with The Royal London Children's Hospital. Rather than looking like a dull and dreary prison, it now appears to be a colorful, bright and vibrant place to stay. There's no question that being a sick kid still sucks, but being in this kind of environment is much less intimidating. Let's take a look and see what these artists did for the place!

Website: Visual Arts


Trauma and Gastroenterology by Morag Myerscough





Pediatric Assessment and Short Stay Unit by Chris Haughton





Respiratory Ward by Miller Goodman





Hematology by Donna Wilson





Elevator Lobbies by Katharine Morling



Pediatric Critical Care by Tord Boontje




Throughout All Wards by Ella Doran


Activity Space by Cottrell and Vermeulen and Morag Myerscough


The hard work from these artists has really paid off. The place looks amazing! If you have to stay in hospital, better in one that looks like this, than a place with bare white walls. Hopefully the positive influence of this amazing art will help the children feel better more quickly!

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