Vintage Photos of Parents That Prove They’re Cooler Than Their Kids

From clothes to music, the vintage era will always remain cool. It’s also in this period where our dear parents were living their prime years.

Recently, people are sharing vintage photos of parents all over the internet, and one thing is clear – they’re pretty much cooler than their children. From growing a marijuana garden to having a BBQ party on a moving submarine, these photos are proof that parents can be hip too.

Scroll down and take a step back in time. Why not share vintage photos of your parents too while you’re at it?

My Dad In The 60s. What A Gorgeous Man.

My 16-year Old Mother Posing with Her Camaro Circa 1975

BBQ Party on Top of A Moving Submarine Because Why Not?

My Dad Carving A Bust of My Mom’s Face

How Cool Is This Feature of My Dad In A Surfer Magazine In 1977?

My Dad In The 80s Juggling 48 Beers While Riding A Unicycle

Way Before Selfies Became A Thing

When Your Dad Is Cooler Than You

My Fighter Pilot Dad Will Always Be My “Life Peg”

My Mother In Moscow, 1975. I’m Pretty Sure She Was A Spy.

Taken In 1972 at Newfoundland. Dad and His Friends Got Drunk and Caught A Record-breaking Tuna.

Meet My Dad. A Former US Military Contractor Diving In The Red Sea.

My Hip Mama Showing Off Her Garden In The 80s

My Parents Vacationing In Santorini Island, Greece, 1985

My Badass Mom In The 70s Skating with A Broken Wrist. Who Run The World? Girls!

My Dad and Uncle During Their Joint Wedding In The 70s. Pretty Cool, Huh?

Couldn’t Be Prouder of My Ski Instructor Dad. Those Are Some Badass Moves, Don’t You Think?

Quite The Ladies Man. Plus, Never Knew Any Other Man Who Could Rock A Crop Shirt.

Dad Giving A Soda to A Thirsty Bear

Coolest Wedding Ever

My Father Carrying Magic Johnson As If He’s Weightless

My Mom Beating All The Boys At A Pie Eating Contest

Way to Go Mom!

My Father Proudly Posing with His Firebird in The 80s

Work It Mom!