How To Groom Your Mustache Like Famous Film And TV Icons

If you’re someone with a mustache who takes pride in their appearance, you might be interested in the different ways you could groom it. Sure, you could go with your own usual look, but, why do that when you could style it after one of several iconic mustache-owners from film and TV?! Have you ever considered the Broson, the Pornstache or the Basil Fawlty? If so, we’ve got the instructions for you to achieve them! In support of ‘Movember’, ‘Mashable’ and ‘Netflix’ collaborated to come up with this tongue in cheek guide to grooming your mustache. Check it out!
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Very nice!

Start by shaving the rest of your face the day before –- you want a little bit
of shadow with this one.

Width, volume and thickness is vital! Try to leave around two centimeters
at either side of the lip and don’t take out any weight with the scissors.

Using the single blade on the back of the razor head, move in an upward
motion along the top line of the mo to create a neat edge.

To style, don’t use wax or oil. Pinch your thumb and index finger in the
middle of your upper lip and push them outwards, giving it direction but
leaving it soft and bushy.


Prepare for your next newsman brawl with this mo from the Anchorman himself, Ron Burgundy.

Starting at the top of your sideburns, pull the razor down along your jawline
removing all hair from your cheeks, chin and neck, but leave a
little overhang on either side of the mouth.

Grab your scissors and trim across the top of your lip, moving left to right
and back again.

Add the finishing touch by placing your finger horizontally above your
upper lip and using the single blade on the back of the razor head to drag
upwards, creating a small gap between the mo and your nose.


Become a “big, bright shining star” like Dirk Diggler.

Start by removing all facial hair except for the upper lip.

The width of the mo should be equal to the width of your mouth. To
achieve this line, shave from your cheekbone in a downward motion,
following the crease from your nose to the corner of your mouth.

To create the sharp slant on the top, use the single razor in an upward
motion, pulling the blade toward your cheek.

Use the scissors to create a tight bottom line and remove any excess
weight to let the hair sit on top of your upper lip.


A mo for the masked luchador inside you.

Start by shaving from the sideburn down to the middle of the chin and from
the bottom of the lip down to the bottom of the chin. Let your mo hang
over the edges of your mouth by approximately a centimetre.

The upper lip should be no wider than a finger’s width. Use the single blade
in an upward motion from the top of the ‘stache toward your cheeks.

Depending on your growth, you might need to take some of the weight out.
Use scissors and a comb to trim to an acceptable length.


Unfortunately you’ll have to come up with your own awkward office jokes.

Start from your sideburns and follow the line of the face downwards
toward the chin, stopping as you reach the point your moustache meets
your beard.

Shave in a downward motion from your cheek bones, following the natural
crease from your nose to the side of your mouth. Aim to leave a fingers
width to either side of your mouth.

To carve out the chin, use the single razor in an upward motion from the
top line of your chin hair (around a finger’s width above your chin line)
towards your bottom lip. Be sure to leave the patch under your lip though!

The neck should be clean. Put two fingers together and place them
horizontally under your chin, shaving everything south of that line.


A moustache fit for a kingpin.

Start by shaving from your sideburns down to your chin, following the
natural curves of your face all the way to the middle of your chin, leaving
around a finger’s width hanging over the edge of each side of the mouth.

Use the single razor to create a neat upper edge, moving in an upward
motion. Similarly, create a neat line above the bottom edge using your
scissors, letting the hair sit on top of your lip.

Grab your comb and use with your scissors to take some of the weight out
to create a tidy look.


A moustache that only a hotel manager could be proud of.

Start from your sideburns and shave in a downward motion to remove any
stubble from your cheeks, chin and neck — again leaving a little growth at
either side of your mouth.

Use the scissors to trim the hair to sit just above the lip, starting from the
middle and working your way outwards to ensure you don’t take too much

This mo spans the width of your nose, so use your scissors to trim away any
strays in that area to ensure it blends neatly.


Complete your Death Wish.

Make sure the rest of your face is smooth, working from your sideburns
down the line of your face, and shaving your chin by starting from

Leave around three centimetres of growth at either side of your mouth –-
you’ll need the length to achieve the curl!

This mo has a slight slope, so use the single blade to shave from the inside
edge of each nostril, upwards and outwards.

Finally, grab the wax and twizzle the ends between thumb and index finger,
curling the hair upwards to achieve the desired look.


Look mean with this late 19th century inspired mo.

This one usually requires 5 to 6 months of growth, so it’s possibly one for the
late adopter.

Grab an electric razor and shave your entire face (except the moustache) to
ensure you leave a slight shadow. Keep a couple of centimetres on either
side of your mouth for the all-important curl.

There is a steep slope on the top edge, so use the single blade to shave
upwards and outwards from the inside of each nostril towards your cheek.

Grab some strong wax and apply by splitting your thumb and index finger
from the middle of the mo, pushing outwards, twizzling the ends up to
towards your eyes.

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