Artist Turns Trash Into Shelter For People In Need


Oakland artist Gregory Kloehn came up with a great idea to put his practical DIY skills to extremely good use. He finds unwanted trash items and turns them into tiny portable homes for the homeless. Kloehn goes dumpster-diving in one area of Oakland which is known for illegal waste dumping, so he's making use of items that shouldn't even have been thrown out there at all. He looks for all kinds of items that could be used to construct a shelter, which could be anything from timber slats to an old washing machine door. Each home is only around the size of a sofa and is set on casters, so it can be moved around when necessary. These houses aren't much, but each means a roof over the head of one homeless person who otherwise might be sleeping out in the elements with no protection, sense of privacy, or anything to call a home. Let's take a look at Kloehn's awesome work!

Website: Homeless Homes Project


















We really commend Gregory Kloehn's great work on this project, as well as the hard work of everyone who helps him out constructing these tiny homes. What an amazing and generous thing to do! The world would be a better place if everyone helped others in need as much as Kloehn does.


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