This Transparent Tent Takes Camping To A Whole Other Level


If one of the main reasons we go camping is to get close to nature, why zip ourselves into a little canvas box at night? There's always the option of going 'au naturel' and sleeping outside, with just a sleeping bag but no tent. However, it's often too cold or wet for that option, and in some areas it might not be safe if there are bears, wolves or other predators roaming wild and free. So, Lithuanian designer Vytautas Puzeras has come up with a different, rather luxurious option. Puzeras has designed this awesome transparent dome tent, which allows you to see nature all around you, all from the comfort of the great indoors. If you're worried about privacy, there are curtains which you can pull round so nobody can see inside. But, what's great about them is that, even when they're fully closed, they don't cover the top of the tent's dome, so you can still do a spot of stargazing. Let's take a look!
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Wow. What an awesome tent! We want one!

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