Tess Halliday Once Bullied For Being A Size 22 Is Now Landing Magazine Covers


When she was at school, Tess Halliday was bullied constantly about her size. People said she'd never be a model. Well, in their faces, because Tess is now a regular cover girl and has modeled for several well-known brands. The 29 year old is the first size 22 model signed by a major modeling agency. Which shows that, slowly at least, times are a changing in the fashion world. Unwilling to listen to those who told her only stick-thin waifs could make it as models, Halliday started a campaign, called, "Eff Your Beauty Standards". For more of her inspiring story, read on…

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Tess Halliday is a successful model, as well as a feminist and founder of the "Eff Your Beauty Standards" campaign.


Tess has said she was bullied when she was younger and people told her she could never be a model, just because of her size.


She's certainly showed the haters. Tess has become the face of many a high profile modeling campaign. Here she is modeling for Yours Clothing.


She's also landing mag covers, such as LA Weekly.


Tess is proud of her size 22 body. But that doesn't mean she doesn't work out to stay healthy.


Agencies originally told Tess she would never make it due to her size. Determined, she forged her own path using social media.


Here she is modeling for Monif C Plus Sizes' swimsuit campaign.



Tess wants the world to know that plus sized models can be sexy, too.


She was recently named as the face of Torrid's new denim fit guide.


Here she is rocking her tatts and vintage look on the cover of Nylon.


Tess says she will continue to challenge the world's beauty standards.


"It's something I always dreamed of but never thought would happen when I was growing up in that small town in Mississippi" she said in a blog post for People.

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