Alessandro Rabatti Shows Us What Bank Notes Would Look Like With Superheroes On Them


Bank notes generally feature politicians or other public figures, but what about something more heroic? In his series "Facebank" Italian artist Alessandro Rabatti has altered currency from all over the world to show us what bank notes might look like if they sported pictures of superheroes, and maybe even super-villains. So, if you've ever wondered what Queen Elizabeth would look like as Wolverine, now's your chance to find out. But, this project isn't just for fun and games. On his Behance page, Rabatti writes…

"‘Facebank’ is a project which combines icons of the world economy with icons of the comic world, born from the necessity to give a face to a faceless power that is more and more characterized by a disarming loss of faith from the general public. By reworking selected parts and details of the dollar bill, pound sterling and Yuan/Renminbi banknotes, a series of alternated figures come to life which aim to reflect and convey the symbolic value of money and inspire thoughts about the current economic crisis."

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