These 10 Superfoods Will Boost Your Immunity


We don't think there's one among us who would say that they actually enjoy being ill, but generally we don't have much of a say in the matter. But, what if you could boost your immune system so that you were less likely to get ill in the first place? We're not saying that you can cure colds, flu, viruses or anything else with food, but there are various power foods that will increase your immunity, so that when your body comes into contact with bugs it is better prepared to fight them off, leaving you sniffle-free. List Fitness has compiled this informative list of ten power foods that boost immunity, so you will know what to eat plenty of and how these foods help your body to stay healthy. Let's take a look!
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So, there are plenty of foods, both everyday and exotic, that will help boost your immunity. Do you eat enough of these foods already, or are you going to add more into your diet?

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