11 Amazing Storage Tips You Will Love


Whether you live in a tiny, cramped apartment or a large, spacious house, somehow, space always seems to be in need. Perhaps it's because, these days, we all have so much stuff! Luckily for you, thanks to the below ingenious 11 storage hacks, you'll never have to worry about space-saving again. Take a look and make more space in your living spaces!


Wooden bungee organizer. Thanks to this little beauty of a storage solution, your delicate items, like sunglasses are stored neatly, carefully and out of the way!


PVC pipe hair implements organizer. Looks cool, too!


Magnetic bobby pin storage. Great for storing, and for keeping track of, all those loose bobby pins!


Pegboard jewelry organizer. A great way to keep your jewelry accessible and looking pretty.


Tissue box for plastic bag storage. Keep those spare bags handy, in a tissue box taped to the back of a cupboard door!


Bamboo stick knife storage. Storing knives has never been so safe and compact!



Towel rails as lid storage. A brilliant way to save space in the cupboards.




Magnetic spice jars. Stick to the fridge and save precious cupboard space. 


Crown molding shoe rack. A great way to keep shoes off of the floor!


Free up space under the sink by using a tension rod on which to hold cleaning bottles.


Upright kitchen storage solution. Use old shampoo bottles as containers to hold your utensils and dishtowels!

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