Put Me Down Sticker

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Are you sick and tired of telling people to put the seat down? Well save your breath and let the put me down sticker do all the talking! The sticker is easy to apply so you wont be fiddling around with it for hours! Awesome!



  1. Melissa A Kearsley

    I know some men who need this reminder.

  2. Genevieve Russo

    Julio Vallejo hahaha, we need this!

  3. Dominique Salgado

    I need 1 but if it gets wet won't it come off?!

  4. LouAnn Richardson


  5. LouAnn Richardson


  6. Jinxrose Petals

    Nope I have one

  7. Gary Burgess

    Point it down Fool LOL

  8. Brenda Torres

    Fuck yeah I need 10 lol hah I'm serious though I need one for my house bathroom and my parents house to…

  9. Brittany Ann

    be good for work bathroom!

  10. Jennifer Tulip

    Denise Mayea you need this!

  11. John Siebring

    Learn to hover!

  12. Shanelle Francis

    Now dis is wut I'm talkin bout, I wud hav frens over and they nvr put it down…bugs me…

  13. Christina Yvonne W

    Ha ha ha you should give us girls this for free lol

  14. Ann Murphy

  15. Maria Corfaru


  16. Olivia Jachim

    If you're a girl living with forgetful men, you definitely need this. xD

  17. William Thomas Cropper

    Would it kill you girls to look before you sit? XD

  18. Olivia Jachim

    William Thomas Cropper would it kill you to be a respectible man and put the shit down!?!?

  19. Akeese Black

    Thats serious stuff somebody died on South Park from not putting the seat down

  20. Jescy Estrada

    Hayyy Hayyy eso quiero uno

  21. Sharon Styles

    Show this to nigel

  22. Andrew Squeeks Cantagallo

    I know some women who need this for the damn lid! If us men have to put the toilet seat and the lid down, then you women need to put the lid down!!!

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