Pencil Headphones

Original price was: £2.00.Current price is: £1.00.

Not only do these pencil headphones deliver excellent sound quality but give great comedy value too! These headphones will be your ticket to leaving class early when the teacher thinks you've managed to lodge a pencil through your ears! Haha

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  1. Johan Jansson

    so damn cool.

  2. Mirna Magdi

    soo cool , but expensive!

  3. Kassandra Carrillo

    wow I want them but they r really expensive.

  4. Jessica Villalobos

    I won't

  5. Zainab Jutt

    hell xpnsivee

  6. Wasif Shafiq

    yup too Expensive

  7. Noah Allstar Francis

    It should be $15

  8. Ashly Nichole Peterson

    Until you stick the sharp end into your ear……….lol.

  9. Brenda Pafford

    Skybug GummieBear Davis

  10. Niischa Marie Lin

    *sigh* if you want special things, you are charged special prices! Otherwise, settle for the hello kitty ear buds that everyone has from hottopic.. This is so funny! It'll look like a pencil is shoved through your head…lol

  11. SiuDong Li

    That would suck ahaha 😛

  12. Callum Burgess Parkinson ッ

    id love some of them but theyre really expensive?:/

  13. Peach Pie

    Not for this price

  14. Kelly Yake

    Guys go to Amazon it's a lil cheaper 😀

  15. Kelly Yake

    Guys go to Amazon it's a lil cheaper 😀

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