LED Tactical Knife

If your going on an adventure into the wild then your going to need the right tools! Whether it’s daytime or night time  this versatile LED tactical knife will ensure you conquer the wild and make it out alive!

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  1. Michelle Brown

    Dexters next purchase

    • Michael Hammy Hamilton

      Was thinking the exact same when I seen this

  2. Veronica Gangnier

    I so need one of these for my VACATION in Detroit!

  3. Jacob Willis

    Raimund Harper I can imagine many a time when this would have been handy.

  4. Danny Worrell

    It's "You're". That's all I have to say.

  5. Hannah Raine Mahiya

    Why would you be cutting meat with a knife, at night? Way to kill yourself 😛

  6. Jedwycke Abbot

    Fishing, Hunting, this is one brilliant idea i say

  7. Anna Schmitt

    perfect for those late night homicides….

  8. Luke Nankervis

    A great one for ganstas getting rid of bodies lol

  9. Michael Dean

    Camping trip

  10. Karen Woodworth

    What happened to "Made in the USA"??? These are junk……..

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