These Sesame Street Fighter Illustrations Are Beyond Awesome


Many of us have such fond memories of growing up watching Sesame Street. All those cool songs about numbers and letters, the show taught us everything we know today. (Well maybe not but they were a lot of fun!) You might also have spent a lot of hours playing Street Fighter when you were at school. Imagine then if Sesame Street and Street Fighter characters were crossed and as a result were given totally new and awesome identities. Oh and before you comment, the artist who created these illustrations gavacho13 on DeviantArt knows Miss Piggy is from The Muppet Show. Who else could be Chun-Li though?
Website: DeviantArt


Super Sesame Street Fighter Poster


Akuma + Count = Acountma


Dhalsim + Grover = Grhalsim


Chun-Li + Miss Piggy = Pig-Li


Oscar The Grouch + Blanka = Oska


Sagat + Big Bird = Big Bagat


Ryu + Bert = Beryu


Ken + Ernie = Kernie



Zangief + Telly Monster = Zellygief


Cookie Monster + E. Honda = C. Monda


 Balrog + Rowlf The Dog = Baldog


Guile + Kermit = Gurmit


Elmo + M. Bison = Elmo Bison

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