13 Scary Things In Australia That Will Have You Running For The Hills


Australia is paradise, isn't it? Beaches, sunshine, and friendly locals. What more could you ask for? But, before you get all misty eyed and start saving for your plane ticket, remember this, the 'paradise' we automatically assume Australia will be is in fact merely a well-built illusion! Because when you take a closer look at the land Down Under, it's actually pretty damn scary. Not only do you have super-sized insects there's even poisonous snakes to contend with at every corner, as these pictures below prove, Mother Nature is particularly cruel to the people of Australia! Take a look and be relieved you're not there! Check it out!


This horrific looking thing is a type of fungus. Gross!


Watch your back because snakes are everywhere….


…like, we really mean everywhere!


In Aussie, snakes even know how to go fishing!


Didn't we tell you snakes are EVERYWHERE! You're not even safe on the toilet!



It might look like an innocent hole. But, what's inside is not worth thinking about!


This is what it looks like when it hails!


In Australia, the spiders can do this…


Don't worry too much about spiders, though! As long as you don't mind giant hornets!


The white stuff covering the fields are spider webs. Seriously.


It may be beautiful, but a sand storm is no fun, believe us!


There used to be a campground here, until a sinkhole opened up!

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