Meet Roux The Two Legged Beautiful “Bunny” Cat Who’s Now An Instagram Celebrity


A two-legged cat called Roux has become an Instagram celebrity, with close to 55k followers. The cute kitty was born without front legs but that hasn't stopped her leading a full and active life. Adopted by Jackie Deak Akey in Louisiana, one year old Roux loves to bounce around and play. She's been nicknamed the bunny cat due to the way she hops like a bunny. Read on for more of Roux's inspiring story…

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Roux the cat was born with two legs.


She was given up by her original owners as she was unable to bury her waste in the litter box.


Luckily, vet clinic worker Jackie Deak Akey adopted her.


Here, we see Roux pictured with her "cousin" a bunny rabbit called Kangaroo.


Roux is an otherwise healthy cat despite her congenital defects.



Her back legs get a big workout every single day!


When she's older Roux will need regular back and leg check ups.


But for now, life is just fine for wee Roux.


Check out the way this kitty hops!


Roux handles matters like jumping onto the couch with ease!


She's worked out her own way of doing everything!

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