Reasons Why Students Hate Exam Time

Just the word ‘exam’ is enough to make most students physically tremble. Exam time is dreaded by nearly everyone who has to sit them. Studying simply isn’t fun, and neither is cramming it all in one session because you’ve left it all to the last minute. You have to stay up late, get up early and somehow develop a super-memory that retains all knowledge, even though you’re sleep deprived, stressed and basically running on coffee and sugar. Here we have 12 classic reasons why students hate exams, take a look!

Coffee is the only thing keeping you awake!

When your hand cramps from writing for so long!

Walking around and not knowing what time it is.

Is this you?

You rely on snacks, not meals.

You are just SO over it!

Sometimes, even your pen gives up!

You seriously doubt your knowledge!

Your bag breaks, due to all the heavy books being stuffed in it!

You have to take sneaky sleeps!

You yearn for ‘Netflix’.

It suddenly dawns on you that you have no time left to study more!

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