How Would You Feel Having A Clone Of Yourself Looking Back At You In Doll Form


Prepare yourself as these dolls have the most realistic faces you have ever seen and that's scary. For around $1750 you too can have a creepy 20" doll made of yourself by the Japanese company CloneFactory. The reason these dolls heads are so freakishly realistic is that they are 3D printed from a digital composite of the subject. In fact the company will even custom make the dolls clothing to exactly match yours. Check out the photo of the doll Danny Choo from the website 'Culture Japan' had made of himself. His mini doppelganger actually looks more cool than scary as it's dressed as a Stormtrooper!

Website: CloneFactory


Aaaagh creepy!

clone doll green dress


Even creepier, there are more of them!

clone dolls in row



Well they do say that two heads are better than one!

clone heads


Danny Choo…

danny choo


The awesome Danny Choo Stormtrooper clone doll!

clone danny choo doll

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