Take A Peek At The Private Lives Of You Everyones Favorite Characters


Did you ever wonder what your favorite superheroes and other fictional characters might do when they're not being the star of the show? Well, French artist Gregoire Guillemin did, and created a series of pop art style paintings on the subject. The ongoing series, titled "Secret Lives of Heroes" takes a look at the dull domestic lives of pop-culture icons, such as Batman and Snow White. These paintings are not just meant to be amusing, they're also a commentary on society's obsession with the private lives of celebrities, leaving the viewer wondering if this obsession is a bit absurd. Talking about his work, Guillemin writes,

''Have you ever wondered what superheroes do when they are chilling out? We only see them when they are saving the day, but never when they are brushing their teeth. Could we peek into the private lives of superheroes the way we do with celebrities?''

Website: Gregoire Guillemin


Yoda takes a whiff of his favorite scent.


Wolverine files his nails.


Superman eats a quick burger.


Spiderman irons his suit.


And then eats some Nutella straight from the jar.


Snow White bites on a different kind of Apple.


And cosplays Lolita.



Mario has a shave.


Princess Leia blows a bubble with some bubble gum.


Darth Vader dons some shades and a Hawaiian shirt for a day out.


Batman chows down on a sneaky donut.


It just goes to show, even fictional characters have to do the boring stuff, like everyone else.

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