This Girl Was Tired Of Being Hounded So Took Photos With Her Catcallers

Many of you reading this would have had the unfortunate experience of being catcalled by complete strangers. Contrary to what some people seem to believe, catcalling does not feel flattering or complimentary. It feels sleazy and uncomfortable, for most. One girl who wanted to highlight the issue is 20 year old Noa Jansma. Take a look below to find out more about her experiences and what she chose to do about them! 

This Girl Was Tired Of Being Hounded So Took Photos With Her Catcallers

Here is a photo of Noa Jansma, accompanied by some of her catcallers. 

Noa decided that throughout the month of September, she would take a selfie with every person who harassed her. 

To help people get a better feel for what Noa was faced with, she included captions showing what was said to her. 

Noa’s project highlights the fact that some people are proud to catcall… 

They have no remorse or awareness of feelings towards their targets.  

It’s pretty shocking how many photos Noa was able to upload in just one month. 

Despite September being over, Noa wants to continue on highlighting the issue. 

She is now taking submissions where others can share their experiences with catcallers. 

Please be aware, whether you are a male or female, shouting (or even whispering) suggestive and objectifying remarks/questions at others is not okay. 

In fact, from January 1st 2018, catcalling will be punishable by law in the Netherlands, Noa’s home. 

By being a catcaller, you could face a fine of up to 190 euros. 

It wouldn’t surprise us if other countries started following suit. 

The unashamed grins really do strike a chord. 

Well done Noa for drawing attention to catcallers.