Photos Showing Things Not Living Up To Expectations

With the technology we have today, convenience is within our reach. Everything you need seems to be online now. One of the greatest things the internet has given us is the birth of online shops. However, the major downside of it is that pictures can be deceiving. You may have thought you picked the perfect prom dress. Wait until it arrives on your doorstep.

1. Do Barbie dolls have online shops too?

$8 dollars for a pair of cute leggings. What a steal, right? Wrong. Well, it is if it’s for your Barbie doll.

2. Unicorns will always be a myth.

What better way to enjoy the pool than to ride a unicorn? Too bad Urban Outfitters doesn’t agree to this.

3. Is it a dress or a tent shaped like a dress?

Look on the bright side. At least you got a waterproof dress!

4. Who knew backpacks look good on your cat?

Your nephew might have lost a backpack, but your cat is rocking it.

5. Is it wrong to want to look like a Kardashian?

You know when you tell yourself, “Yes, I can rock that, too.” Now you know some things just look better when you’re a celebrity.

6. Maybe your favorite team decided to have a new name.

Either that, or France just has their version of your favorite Canadian team.

7. Does this sweater make me look fat?

Some things just make you want to doubt yourself, this is a great example. It’s supposed to be “loose”. Why is it not “loose”?

8. Maybe this top is not meant for people to wear.

..Or are there other ways to make the top fit your head? Let us know, ASAP.

9. Instant hand-me-down hoodie to your little brother.

Not only did your little brother get an awesome new hoodie, but he also become an instant Eminem fan!

10. This just makes you want to question how huge people are outside North America.

More importantly, who exactly are the target audience of the designers from Asos? Pretty sure women aren’t normally that tall.

11. This dress doesn’t seem to “shine” as much as the one online.

Talk about major disaster. Not a single Swarovski crystal was spotted. Also, lavender is the new fuchsia.

12. What’s up with giving women false hope?

It looks like the dress shipped was still unfinished.  The only similarity between the two is that it’s white.

13. Modern-day Cinderella… not.

This just makes you want to be like one of Cinderella’s evil step sisters and do whatever it takes just to make the shoe fit.

14. At least this is a confirmation that your dress has a popular pattern.

“I love this dress! It looks so familiar. Hmm, I wonder where else did I see someone wear this..”

15. It’s supposed to be a blanket, why does it cover only half of your body?

Maybe the packaging and shipping time made it shrink, who knows? On the bright side, it might make a good knitted table mat.

We’ve taken a good look at some of the most hilarious #onlineshoppingfails. Does this still make you want to purchase a single thing online? Not me.