People Who Underwent Reconstructive Surgery Share Their Experiences

People frequently interchange reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. People undergo cosmetic surgery to enhance their appearance by reshaping normal structures of the body. On the other hand, reconstructive surgery aims to restore abnormal or damaged structures of the body. To sum it up, cosmetic surgery is for aesthetic purposes while reconstructive procedure is for health purposes. People can benefit from reconstructive procedure such as those with congenital defects or diseases. Here are some confessions from people who underwent reconstructive procedure and the reasons why they did it.



One step at a time.

The sacrifices we have to make.

Going through something you don’t want but you just have to.

Support from someone special makes us stronger.

So painfully heartbreaking…

A blessing in disguise.

They only care about profits.

Learn to accept your flaws.

Think positively. Big babies grow up cleverer.

How does it feel to undergo reconstructive surgery? These people tell their own experiences.


It’s tough to undergo multiple surgeries but you’ve got to do what’s best for your health.

That’s karma working for you.

Confidence exudes beauty.

Doesn’t make you less of a man.

Feeling better is a symptom of a healthy living.

Your appearance may change but you are still you.

Surgeries can alter the looks but it can never modify your heart and mind.

Full recovery takes time. Be patient and you’ll get there.

Love yourself regardless of who you’ve become.

Cleft palate is a congenital defect and therefore what you got is technically a reconstructive procedure.

This is not cool. Bullying has to stop.